11 Month Update

I haven’t actually been doing monthly updates for Anniston’s first year, but this past month was a big one, so she earned it.

As I have mentioned numerous times, Anniston could not be more different from her big sister. She is a little more serious. A little more sensitive. She is happiest being  held, still. She wants my attention at all times. She gets bored very easily and doesn’t enjoy playing alone. She hates to sleep and almost never naps. Those bags under her eyes in almost every picture, those are real, people. She has got to be exhausted by now. Eleven months and I can almost count the amount of naps she has taken on two hands.

But Anniston is so sweet. She loves to be hugged and kissed. She loves her sister so much that I am pretty sure she wishes she was attached to her. She is strong. Stronger than her sister. She can already push Juliet around, take her toys, pull her hair, and tackle her with ease.

She is eager. So eager to catch up to big sis that she has already been walking for a few weeks now. She walks around our house like she owns the place, making a bigger mess and breaking more things than Juliet has in all of her two years. She does a zombie-type walk, arms stretched out in front of her, any time she sees Juliet. Just ready to hug her, pull on her clothes, steal her toy, or come up with a new way to bug her sister.

She is curious. She has figured out how to break into all of our child-proof cabinet locks just to find out what she could possibly be missing out on. She has also figured out how to open Juliet’s bedroom door, waking her up in the morning, or from a nap, several times now.

She has eight teeth and refuses to eat a single solid food.

She has the greatest giggle. She doesn’t have a big laugh, but her giggle, it puts the biggest smile on my face just thinking about it.

I love everything about my little Anniston. She is getting too big. She is eleven months old today.

Anniston’s Sunsuit – The Beaufort Bonnet Company

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