2 years and 10 months

As I write this post I am sitting here in shock over how fast this past year has gone. I started this so-called-blog about eight months ago, and gosh, eight months ago I was sitting at home, struggling to manage the day-to-day life with a 15 month old and a 2 month old.

Not going to lie or try to fool anyone into thinking I have everything figured out, but things are so different, yet still somewhat the same, with a now almost 2 year old and a ten month old.

I am still wrestling with a baby that hates to nap, chasing crazy Juliet all over the house, and trying to find time, even if it is just an hour, for myself, my sanity, and this blog.

What I can say is that it does get easier. Possibly because you just get used to it. Used to the constant chaos, the cries, the sibling fights that are already happening, the lack of sleep, lack of alone time.

Or maybe it is because it all becomes more worth it.

You now get two hugs, two kisses, two sisters that love each other so much that they are sad when the other is sleeping, two little girls that cry when it is not their turn to dance with their mommy around the house, two precious girls that have the absolute sweetest smiles, two hands that reach for yours every single day.

As I mentioned, Anniston is now 10 months old. She is crawling at the speed of light (seriously, she can be clear across the house and still manage to get to the refrigerator before I can open it, pour myself a glass of iced tea and close it again), she is cruising easily, and as of yesterday, she took her first two steps with out holding on to anything. She is now attached to Juliet’s side at all times, which does not always go over well with my Jules, and she is grabbing at and playing with any toy that Juliet had first.

Juliet is turning two this weekend, and I could not be more in awe of the little girl she is becoming. She is so full of love, laughter, energy (which can sometimes be confused with craziness), and light. She is obsessed with everything princess, her crowns, her shoes, and her little princess figurines that she has now named Mommy Cinderella, Juliet Rapunzel, and Anniston Sleeping Beauty. She wants to spend every minute she can outside walking, playing, and running. And she loves so hard. She gives the biggest and best hugs. She holds on so tight you just never want to let go.

And that is exactly how I feel right now. I just never want to let go of this time. The time that Anniston is ten months old and Juliet is almost 2. I know it keeps getting better, but can it really get better than this?

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