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November 2016


    Things You Need Thursday: The Perfect Holiday Top

    Two weeks ago I was on a massive hunt for something to wear for our Christmas photos. I had ordered the girls’ dresses three months in advance, my husband had his outfit planned a week prior, but I was left searching up until the day before. I ended up choosing this dress, but in my three different trips to the mall, I also found this top that I am absolutely obsessed with.


    The color is perfect for the holidays, the bell sleeves make it feel so feminine, and it is probably the first woven top I have purchased in the last two years. Sad, but let’s face it, with a baby that still occasionally spits up, wash and wear is a must. The best part is that it can easily be dressed up or down.


    img_2995Top: Rebecca Minkoff, Denim: AG, Boots: Joie from last year, but linked similar here.

    As a loyal Nordstrom customer – I mean, I did work there for 9 years – I still feel a little guilty over this purchase, but this top is just that good.



    Thanksgiving Turkey DIY

    I’m not sure what happened, but it feels like yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Christmas. So, in an attempt to not let Thanksgiving sneak on by, I found a super simple turkey DIY to do with the girls.  Juliet now calls these her chickens and takes them all around the house with her as she plays.


    I found this craft in the November issue of HGTV Magazine and decided to put our own little toddler spin on it.

    We started by cutting a 6-inch-by-16-inch rectangle out of a brown paper bag. Then I gave Juliet one of the pieces and let her pick three colors she could use to paint it.

    I painted the other two, and I have to admit, I impressed myself with that buffalo plaid.


    We let the paper dry overnight, then folded it accordion-style. Next, you attach the fan to a faux pear with two pushpins. We used straight pins for the turkey’s eyes and cut a beak out of the paper bag that we also attached with a straight pin. I let Juliet hold the pear while I took care of all of the pins.



    Voila. Your very own toddler turkey chicken.


    My Sweater – Anthropologie

    The girls’ Bloomer Sets – Little English


    Things You Need Thursday

    Okay, so I may not have it all together, but as a mom to two under two, there are a few things I have figured out. So I’ve decided to start a new series called Things You Need Thursday, to let you in on a few secrets that make my life a little easier, or sometimes just a little prettier.

    The reason for starting this series? Oh, just the absolute best bath time find ever!


    When Anniston was born, bath time became one of the most time-consuming and tiring activities in our house. With two baths per night, it felt like it took us almost two hours to get through all of the washing, drying, brushing, lotioning (that’s not a word), changing, screaming, crying, and all else that bath time entails. Anniston started sitting up at 5 months, and soon after that, my husband went on one of his work trips. I was left to handle bath time alone, for a week. I remembered that I had purchased a bath seat when Juliet was born that I never used but stored safely in a closet with a million other baby gadgets I just never got around to figuring out. I pulled the bath seat out and decided to give it a try. Two girls, one bath, could it be that easy?

    It wasn’t just easy, it was life-changing.

    The Keter Sitting Hammock is one of the best items I have ever purchased. Not only is this a total game changer for moms of two, but if your a new mom and your little one is a mover or you are sick of your infant tub, boom, the Sitting Hammock is here for you. It is so much easier to clean than scrubbing down an infant bath tub, and it takes up way less space, making it easier to store under the sink.


    Anniston is so wiggly and always trying to lunge forward and crawl, so this seat is the perfect solution to allowing her to sit up while still sitting safely above the water. It gives her plenty of room to bend down and reach for toys that Juliet may have dropped, and it also lets her move a little to play with big sis. Great for her, but even better for me! I knock out bath time in a little less than thirty minutes now, and I think we are all a little happier about that.

    The seat suctions to the bottom of your tub, so you don’t have to worry about your child floating away, but it does not protect your little ones from getting water poured on their heads by older siblings. Just saying.


    So, do yourself a favor, and pick up one of these seats if you’re in need of a smoother, shorter bath time routine.

    Side note: We have a winner! The winner of the ShopPinkBlush Giveaway for a $75 gift card is @kshark1027!


    A Day at the Park and PinkBlush Giveaway

    Another day, another showing.

    It has been over a month now of at least 3 or 4 showings a week. If you add that up, that is over 16 times that I have had to grab the girls, leave the house, and come up with some sort of fun activity for us to do for an hour. We’ve tried Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy… so this time, we went to the park.

    The weather has finally cooled down a little, so we all grabbed our sweaters and spent the next hour rolling around in the grass.


    I have been waiting too long for sweater weather and I was so excited to finally wear this cowl neck sweater from PinkBlush. It was also the first time the girls got to wear their matching cardigans, and a good monogram can cure all my house has not sold yet blues.

    Juliet had such a great time looking for leaves and rocks, and she got so excited every time the wind picked up. We even spent a little time watching a man doing yoga, and Juliet has now mastered her downward dog.

    So, while I continue making lists of different things to do with the girls for an hour, you should take a minute to enter this awesome giveaway.

    I have partnered with PinkBlush to give one lucky reader a $75 gift card to ShopPinkBlush! All you have to do is follow both myself and PinkBlush on Instagram, like the current post, and tag two friends that would be interested in the gift card as well! For an extra entry, comment below with a place I can take the girls for our next showing tomorrow – please.

    PinkBlush has great basics and such cute maternity clothes, so tag all of those mommas-to-be you know!

    I will announce the winner Thursday on here and Instagram!