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5 Beach Must-Haves with a Toddler

Okay. If you follow me on Instagram, or have seen any of my Instagram stories, you know that I live at either the beach or the splash pad. We are there at least a couple of times a week, and I’ve pretty much got the whole beach-with-toddlers-thing down to a science.

The more we go, the more I perfect my packing list for the already heavy bag that I am going to have to carry along with my two girls. So, as we prepare for summer, and for two week-long beach vacations we have planned, I have picked up a few new favorite things to make those beach days a little easier.

Here is a list of my five favorite finds for the beach (with toddlers):

Beach Tote/Wet Bags

I always pack our sunscreen, shampoo, etc in a wet bag when we head to the beach or splash pad. That way I don’t have to worry about it leaking or exploding onto everything else in our tote. Then, after they rinse off and get changed, I throw their bathing suits in them for the ride home. I just found these wet bags recently, and they can be ordered with a matching beach tote! I can’t resist a good stripe or monogram, so I ordered a wet bag for each girl and the tote for myself! I went with the navy stripe and a cream (#18) monogram.

Beach Toys

There is an unspoken rule at the splash pads that all toys can be used by everyone, then you just find your toys before you head home. Well, today we encountered some fellow splash padders that were unaware of this rule. Two and three-year-olds are not exactly the best at sharing, and it of course ended in tears. So, after naps, we headed out to find a deluxe beach toy kit that would not only keep my two entertained, but also have plenty of pieces to share. We typically just bring the basic buckets and watering cans, but now, watch out, we have enough water toys to keep every kid busy. I love how this set has everything you could think of. A bucket, sifter, rake, shovel, pinwheel, truck, and it keeps going! This is probably my number one must-have for surviving a day at the beach.


I am always on the hunt for a great beach towel and once I found this one, no other towel has compared. The size is perfect and the fabric is amazing. It has a woven front, which makes you feel like you are sitting on a blanket, but the reverse side is terry, serving the purpose of a towel! I love the seersucker-inspired look it has, and I can easily fit on the towel with both of my girls.


This one is simple, because how can you resist a baby in a swan float? And even if they don’t love the water, they will love a big blown up swan that they can drag around the beach with them.


Beach Shoes

The first few times we took Juliet to the beach she just lost it when she had to walk on the sand. I finally found a few pairs of shoes that kept her happy and were easy to rinse or wipe clean when the day was over. My go-to for the girls on most days are these. They are easy for the girls to wear on the sand, splashing through the water, then as we make our way back to the car. We also have these and these which both make great back-ups for us!


Our first vacation is less than three weeks away, and we will be spending a full week at a house on the beach in Isle of Palms! I am so excited to take the girls to a new place and see them playing in the sand and water every day.

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