The 5 Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask…

Ever since I got pregnant with Juliet, I have been amazed at the questions that complete strangers have asked me. I don’t even know your name, I am just trying to enjoy my latte and stroll through Target, and you think it’s okay to ask me that?!

Well, here it is, the 5 questions you have been dying ask… because everyone else I meet sure is.

Was it planned?

For some reason, complete strangers think it is okay to ask me if my second daughter was planned. Really? I don’t even know your name, but you want to know whether I am just crazy for having two kids so close in age or if I made one of the most life changing accidents possible. Well, to all those wondering the same thing, I am just crazy. I am one of four kids, and I have loved everything about growing up in a large family. I want four kids. And I want them close in age. So, yes, she was planned, and, as of now, we plan on having more.

Are you going to try for a boy?

When people see me with my two girls they almost always ask me if I am going to try for a boy. My response? “No. I am going to try for more girls.” It is so crazy how people think a family is not complete until you have at least one of each gender. Clearly, from the answer to the first question, I would love to have more children. However, I have three sisters, my dad has seven sisters, my older sister has a girl, my husband has two sisters, his older sister has two girls. Girls are all we know. I wouldn’t even know where to start with a boy. So, give me all the girls.

Are you breastfeeding?

I don’t understand people’s fascination with what and how I am feeding my child. I have never asked someone this question. But, this is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. Well, here’s the answer. I breast fed Juliet for three weeks before we found out she had a milk protein allergy. She would scream and cry in pain after every feeding. So, I had two options, give up all dairy on the spot, or switch to feeding her a formula without the protein in it. I had to feed her about thirty minutes after we received the diagnosis, and the easiest solution to guaranteeing that I wouldn’t be hurting my child was to go to the store and buy the formula. So we did. With my second, I breast fed for 5 days before switching to formula. She didn’t have the allergy, she was gaining weight, everything was fine, but I was losing my mind. It just didn’t seem possible to be breastfeeding while also  looking after my toddler, a thirteen month old that needed my attention all the time. So, it’s formula for both, and I don’t feel bad about it. Fed is best.

Anniston, like Jennifer Aniston?

This question actually leaves me speechless almost every time. Whether it is family, friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers, the first question anyone will ask will, of course, be “what is her name?”. I almost always get one of three responses when I tell people my daughter’s name is Anniston. The first, they want to know if she is named after Jennifer Aniston. Do they really expect me to answer that? No. Just, no. The second, they usually want to correct me. They ask me her name, I say Anniston, then they say, “Oh, you mean Addison?” Again, am I supposed to respond to that? The third is the typical “oh, that’s different” response. Yes, it is different, and that is because I didn’t find the name in a name book, I found it in a list of cities. I had gone through almost every name possible for my second, read every list there was from every country and language possible, and I just couldn’t find one that fit. So, one night, on my couch, I googled city names. I found the list of every city in every state in the country. I started with the first state on the list, Alabama. The cities were listed in alphabetical order and one of the first  cities I saw was Anniston. I loved it.

Were you like that as a kid?

FullSizeRender copy 13

Although I know exactly what people are referring to when they ask this question, I usually like to pretend that I don’t know what they mean. They are asking this because Juliet has the most adorable chubby legs. She has been walking for awhile now and still has not managed to lose any of that baby fat. So, not only are people trying to point out the fact that she is a little bigger than most toddlers, but then they are also asking if I was the same way. It must be because her mom was like that. Well, I wasn’t. I wasn’t tiny by any means, but I did not have the fabulous legs Juliet has. I’m pretty sure she got those from her dad. Either way, she is 17 months old, and who really cares?

Now if only I could print this list and hand it to strangers when they decide to start asking me questions in the aisles of Target…


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  • Reply Rachel

    What is wrong with people?! They questions they ask weather you are pregnant or a new mom or an old mom, whatever! How is this any of your business?! I can’t believe people ask you if you are pronouncing her name correctly! That is too much for me! You have two beautiful little girls!! So blessed. Happy Friday, girl!

    June 17, 2016 at 10:00 am
    • Reply colleen

      Thank you Rachel!!! Happy Friday ☺️

      June 17, 2016 at 10:23 am
  • Reply Jules and Grey - Going Gluten Free - Jules and Grey

    […] I have mentioned before here, Juliet was also born with a milk-protein allergy. As I read, I found that 50% of people with a […]

    February 20, 2017 at 9:26 pm
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