A Day in the Life

Just in case you decide to have your kids 13 months apart…

4:30am – Anniston starts to wake up. She still sleeps in her bassinet in our room, so I give her a pacifier and hope she will fall back asleep.

5:01am – Anniston is definitely not going back to sleep. Kevin gets up and makes her bottle, he comes back in the room to get Anniston and change her. This is one of the best arrangements we have. He makes the bottle, changes Anniston, then I feed her while he goes back to sleep.

5:30am – Anniston falls asleep in my arms after her bottle. My husband will be getting up soon for work and will be making a lot of noise. I decide the best chance I have of her staying asleep is to keep her on me.

6:32am – Anniston wakes up as Kevin leaves the house for work. We go out to the family room for a little tummy time.

7:29am – Anniston falls asleep on me again and I put her down for a nap.

7:45am – Shower. If I don’t shower now, I will never shower again. In my life. At least that is how it feels every morning as I race to shower before one of the girls wakes up.

7:58am – Realize I forgot to grab clothes from the bedroom before I put Anniston down. I can’t go grab clothes now because that will definitely wake her up. Walk out to the living room and see that yesterday’s laziness pays off. I have a hamper of clean clothes from yesterday that I never put away. This load of laundry consisted of pajamas and gym clothes, I opt for the clean pajamas.

8:05am – Now that I have solved the clothing issue, I am faced with my daily hair dilemma. The guest bathroom is right across the hall from Juliet’s room, so if I blow dry my hair in there it will most likely wake her. Anniston is asleep in the master bedroom, so blow drying my hair in the master bath is not an option. Top knot for the win today.

8:07am – Make smoothie and scroll through social media.

8:38am – Anniston wakes up. Change her, make bottle, feed her.

8:45am – Juliet is awake and talking in her crib. She will have to stay there until Anniston is done eating. Hurry up, Anniston.

9:04am – Juliet is quiet again, Anniston is still eating.

9:14am – Get Juliet. Realize why she wasn’t yelling to get out of her crib. She was busy reading. IMG_6801For months now I have allowed Juliet to bring one or two toys to bed with her each night. Those toys used to be her Lambie and a baby doll, but lately Jules has wanted to bring a book with her. Fine with me, but my husband calls her a nerd every time.

9:18am – Put Anniston in her rocker while I feed Juliet.IMG_6800

9:51am – Juliet starts saying “Peppa, Peppa, where’s Peppa?” I turn on one of our 21 recorded episodes of Peppa the Pig. Juliet starts waving, saying “Hi Peppa! Hi Peppa!”

9:57am – I change Anniston and the two of us sit down together to watch some Peppa while Jules plays in the family room.

10:11am – Juliet finds that laundry basket that came to my rescue earlier. Leggings, socks, and sports bras are now all over the floor. Awesome.

10:32am – Juliet asks for cookies. I say no.

10:38am – Juliet asks for cookies. I say no, again.

10:41am – Juliet gets into the pantry and brings me the first thing she can reach, a bag of popcorn. I say no, and put the popcorn on the couch, out of reach.

10:49am – I text with a friend who is also flying with her toddler next week. Each of us hoping that the other has all of the secrets to traveling with kids. Neither of us have those secrets. Meanwhile, Juliet has gotten a hold of that out-of-reach bag of popcorn, and is now shoving handfuls of it into her mouth. I should probably stop texting. I grab the baby and we all head to the nursery to play.


11:29am – Too much play time for Anniston. She is now screaming and crying. I realize what time it is, and I put Juliet down for her nap. She only takes one nap and it needs to be before her swim lesson, so into the crib she goes. I pick Anniston up and try to get her to fall asleep.

11:44am – Anniston is still fighting sleep, I can hear Juliet throwing everything that was in her crib on to the floor, and Miguel shows up. Our lawn guy comes about every two weeks, but we don’t have a specified day or time. So, right now, nap time, this is when Miguel chooses to come. He uses his mower, edger, blower, and every other contraption designed to make as much noise as possible, and both girls are awake.

12:20pm – Miguel is done. Juliet is asleep, and I am able to put Anniston down for a nap. Now seems like a good time to get to that laundry that is now all over my kitchen and dining room floor.

12:57pm – Anniston cries. I change her, make a bottle, and feed her.

1:11pm – As I am feeding Anniston, I realize my TV has been paused on The Real Housewives of Dallas since I put Jules down for her nap. I am two episodes behind. Looks like it will stay that way.

1:52pm – Jules is awake. I change her and bring her out to the family room, hoping she will not make a beeline for the master bedroom where she knows the baby is sleeping.

1:54pm – Get a text from the swim instructor. She is running thirty minutes ahead of schedule. Super. I now have to change Juliet again.


2:00pm – Swim lessons start. The instructor comes to our house, and in week 5 (we are now in week 6) we realized that it is best if I am not outside. So I grab Anniston and the two of us watch from the Kitchen window. The entire lesson consists of Juliet floating on her back yelling, “Mommy, Out! Mommy, Out!”

2:11pm – Swim lessons end and Juliet gets her stamps. I swear the only reason this child still gets in the pool with the instructor is because she wants her hands stamped at the end.

2:20pm – I make lunch for Juliet, chicken nuggets and peas (the only vegetable she likes), while Anniston hangs out in her rocker.IMG_6865

2:55pm – I put Anniston down for a nap and start to clean up from lunch. While Juliet plays, I do more laundry.

3:37pm – I need a break. We FaceTime Nana because Juliet keeps asking for cookies and I need to take her mind off of the cookies she is not going to get.

4:15pm – I clean bottles, glasses, sippy cups, and dishes. Juliet talks to her reflection in the oven then grabs anything she can reach out of the pantry. This time, it’s quinoa.IMG_6808

5:11pm – Anniston wakes up. I make a bottle and feed her. Wow, I just realized now that she slept for over 2 hours, it seemed a lot shorter yesterday.

5:28pm – Make dinner for Juliet. She seemed to really want that quinoa earlier… so quinoa pasta shells it is!

5:43pm – Kevin gets home from work and starts to eat Juliet’s dinner.

6:01pm – Jules is done eating, Kevin has the baby, so I decide to put Juliet in the doll stroller and race her up and down the hallway. Sometimes I really just need to entertain myself, this was one of those times. After I get tired of running and pushing her around, she decides she wants to do the same thing with her doll.IMG_6810IMG_6812IMG_6811

6:28pm – Anniston is sleeping on Kevin and Juliet sets off every single toy we own that plays music, talks, or makes some other kind of loud noise. Anniston wakes up, awesome.

6:32pm – Bath time.IMG_6813

6:50pm – Put on Juliet’s pajamas, give her a sippy cup of milk and sit on the couch with her.

7:00pm – Put Juliet to bed. Change into workout clothes, and leave for the gym.

8:08pm – I get home from the gym and as I am unlocking the front door I hear Anniston crying. I walk in, take one look at my husband, and realize he has had enough. Looks like my shower will have to wait. I take Anniston and give her a bath.IMG_6816

8:22pm – Kevin feeds Anniston so that I can shower.

8:33pm – Eat the dinner that my husband made while I was at the gym. Quinoa pasta (he clearly didn’t steal enough of Juliet’s food, so he had to make more) with broccoli and brussel sprouts.

8:52pm – I take Anniston and try to put her to sleep while we turn on Bloodline, our current Netflix obsession.

9:01pm – Write an email to a friend that I was supposed to write last week. Bad friend. Need to get this done asap.

9:19pm – Email is sent but I just realized that I have missed everything that has happened in the episode of Bloodline that I am supposed to be watching with the hubs.

9:20pm – Realize that Anniston has officially fallen asleep on me. Glance over at Kevin and see that he has also fallen asleep. Okay. Well at least we will both have to rewatch that episode.

9:34pm – Husband wakes up and says “I’m tired.” He apparently doesn’t think I noticed that he had been asleep for the last 45 minutes. We go to bed.

9:58pm – Send my mom a list of everything we will need from the store for our vacation next week. Turn on Forensic Files. Go to sleep.

That’s it. That’s what life is like with a toddler and a baby. No great secrets, no cool tricks, just living life, minute-to-minute, trying to keep them both alive and happy.

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