Beach Bash

I have to admit, my favorite brand for all things babies and toddlers is The Beaufort Bonnet Company. So, when I found out they were coming to South Florida this month and throwing a beach bash, I knew that no matter what it took to get my two to the beach, we would be there! I immediately called up my mom (because no matter how much i work out, my arms can’t carry two kids, a diaper bag, and beach toys by themselves) and told her to save the date!

In the days prior to the big bash my mom must have asked me a hundred times where I was going to dinner that night, what party Kevin and I were going to, or what plans we actually had. Hate to break it to you mom, but you are not babysitting in the comfort of our home, you are braving the beach with me and the two bonnet babes so we can get our fill of everything pastel, girly, and Southern for the night.

So, as promised, my mom showed up right on time, we dressed the girls in their Beaufort best, and we hit the beach!


Juliet had the time of her life splashing in the ocean, stealing every juice box in sight, and pointing at every bird that flew by. Anniston spent the majority of the time working on her tan and breaking in our new beach blanket – seriously one of the best purchases I’ve made. It is large enough for both girls to play on, lightweight and easy to stuff in any beach bag, and it has a terrycloth bottom that we were able to use to dry off Juliet after she tried to dive head first into the Atlantic Ocean.



We loved meeting all of the women behind our fave brand and hope they come back to South Florida again soon!

Juliet’s Sunsuit // Juliet’s Bonnet // Anniston’s Bloomers // Anniston’s Bonnet

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    Obsessing over that photo of Jules and her little friend from the back! Those outfits are adorable!

    May 23, 2016 at 5:03 pm
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