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    5 Beach Must-Haves with a Toddler

    Okay. If you follow me on Instagram, or have seen any of my Instagram stories, you know that I live at either the beach or the splash pad. We are there at least a couple of times a week, and I’ve pretty much got the whole beach-with-toddlers-thing down to a science.

    The more we go, the more I perfect my packing list for the already heavy bag that I am going to have to carry along with my two girls. So, as we prepare for summer, and for two week-long beach vacations we have planned, I have picked up a few new favorite things to make those beach days a little easier.

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    A Baby Shower for Flynn and My Favorite Go-To Shower Gifts

    Last Sunday we celebrated my sister, and the baby girl she is going to have in the next few weeks. As one of four girls, with two girls of my own, I could not be more excited to welcome another a little girl into the family. I honestly don’t know what we all would do if one of us had a boy. Girls are our thing.

    However, party planning is not my thing. I wish I was good at it, and sometimes I try really hard, but I just wasn’t born with that gene. Read more…


    A Day at the Park and PinkBlush Giveaway

    Another day, another showing.

    It has been over a month now of at least 3 or 4 showings a week. If you add that up, that is over 16 times that I have had to grab the girls, leave the house, and come up with some sort of fun activity for us to do for an hour. We’ve tried Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy… so this time, we went to the park.

    The weather has finally cooled down a little, so we all grabbed our sweaters and spent the next hour rolling around in the grass.


    I have been waiting too long for sweater weather and I was so excited to finally wear this cowl neck sweater from PinkBlush. It was also the first time the girls got to wear their matching cardigans, and a good monogram can cure all my house has not sold yet blues.

    Juliet had such a great time looking for leaves and rocks, and she got so excited every time the wind picked up. We even spent a little time watching a man doing yoga, and Juliet has now mastered her downward dog.

    So, while I continue making lists of different things to do with the girls for an hour, you should take a minute to enter this awesome giveaway.

    I have partnered with PinkBlush to give one lucky reader a $75 gift card to ShopPinkBlush! All you have to do is follow both myself and PinkBlush on Instagram, like the current post, and tag two friends that would be interested in the gift card as well! For an extra entry, comment below with a place I can take the girls for our next showing tomorrow – please.

    PinkBlush has great basics and such cute maternity clothes, so tag all of those mommas-to-be you know!

    I will announce the winner Thursday on here and Instagram!

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    Five Best Toddler Shoes for Summer

    Baby fat. That’s the problem.

    That is what the salesperson said when we went shopping for new shoes for Juliet. Now, anyone that has seen Juliet can tell that she has decided to hold on to some of her baby fat a little longer than most, but who knew that was a problem when buying shoes? Well, it is. That chub on the top of her foot and around her ankles eliminates about half of the available selection in her size. Oh yeah, and I should probably mention her size. Despite the fact that she is 16 months old, Jules is still rocking a size 3, equivalent to about a 9-12 month old’s shoe size. So, with our list of issues, we set out to find the best shoes to take us through the summer. FullSizeRender copy 3

    Baby Jacks

    Why didn’t I find these sooner?! These are the absolute best sandal for summer. They are clearly her most fashionable option, and as a Jack Rogers fan myself, it’s hard to resist a little mommy/mini matching, but there are so many other reasons why we love these shoes. They take approximately thirty seconds to get on my toddler’s foot, and once they’re on, they stay on! That strap in the back has thwarted all attempts Juliet has made at removing her shoes, which has become her new carseat activity of choice, and they are the easiest pair we own to keep clean. We painted in these shoes, basically turning them blue and red in a matter of seconds, and with just a quick rinse in the sink they looked brand new again. They are perfect for the beach and will be our most used sandal this summer.


    As you are aware, Jules loves a good splash pad, and we tend to spend a lot of time finding every splash pad we can in South Florida. I wasn’t totally convinced that the Croc was Juliet’s style, but if it stays on her foot, serves it’s purpose as a water shoe, and keeps her little toes from getting stepped on (because her foot has actually been smashed by an adult at a splash pad) then I didn’t need any more convincing. It’s all about that water safety, people.

    See Kai Run Gladiator Sandal

    By far the best shoe made for play and every day use. This shoe is the perfect walker and manages to close around those chubby baby feet. Juliet rocks these on every play date. We had this pair fitted at Nordstrom and she walked out of the store wearing them. They are the easiest shoe to slide on and velcro shut, and although she plays with the velcro on every drive we take, they never come off her feet. I can tell by how she walks that she is the most comfortable in them and I am loving the new pink leather option for summer.

    Salt Water Sandals

     Okay, so I must confess, this shoe does not actually fit well if your baby has any of those “baby fat problems” as the salesperson so lovingly described. I bought these for Juliet and absolutely love them for every day use. They go with every outfit, are great for our Florida weather, and definitely stay on your toddler’s feet with all of those buckles. I even had Jules wearing them for a few weeks until my mom made me stop. I still stand behind these as one of the top five shoes for toddlers, just not Juliet. They have, however, been packed up and saved for Anniston in hopes that she doesn’t suffer the same baby fat problems as Juliet.

    Elephantito Mary Janes

    For the extremely rare occasion that a sandal just won’t cut it, these Mary Janes are our go-to dress up shoe. This brand is made for a wider foot and how can you possibly resist a pink and white Mary Jane? Another sturdy shoe that Juliet feels comfortable walking in and the perfect compliment to all of her bubbles and dresses.

    There it is. Our top five shoes that will get us through the summer, and I know this because Juliet’s feet seem to have no intention of growing, so they should last us awhile.



    Nursery Tour

    There are so many things I love about having my girls only thirteen months apart, the thought that they will grow up as best friends, the love Juliet already has for “her baby”, the fun they will have enjoying the same games and activities together – but secretly, I also loved that I got to decorate a second nursery less than a year after I did the first.

    I had no clue what I was doing when I decorated the first one (I’m so sorry, Juliet), but with the second, I knew exactly what I wanted, and it all started with the wallpaper.

    FullSizeRender copy 3

    I found this wallpaper on the Anthropologie website, as I was most likely shopping for myself, and I knew that I needed it for Anniston’s room. In fact, if I had the choice, I would probably cover my whole house in that paper.

    After choosing that, the rest of the room just kind of came together. I used the pale pinks from the wallpaper throughout the room in the bedding, window treatments, basket liners, and pillow, and kept everything else pretty neutral.


    Another piece that I purchased in the beginning was this sign from House of Belonging. We already have a piece from them in our dining room and I absolutely love their work. When I saw this one I was about four months pregnant, and it seemed to capture all of my feelings that I already had for the little baby inside of me.


    Anniston’s nursery has become my favorite room in the house. The soft colors make it feel so peaceful and quiet, even when my toddler is taking every book off of the bookshelf and throwing them, one by one, clear across the room.


    Wallpaper – Anthropologie

    Sign – House of Belonging

    Crib – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Dresser/Changing Table – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Book Shelf – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Drapery – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Bedding – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Baskets – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Frames – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Book End – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Hat Stand and Bonnet – The Beaufort Bonnet Company

    Stuffed Animals – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Bunny Bank – Tiffany’s

    Pouf – old, from Juliet’s room, from West Elm

    Rocking Chair – old, from Juliet’s room, from Land of Nod

    Rug – a steal from Home Goods!