Colorado and the new normal

So I may have lied in my last post. I said that we were back, and we were not back. But this time, I swear, we’re back, we’re home, (well at least until our trip to Mexico), and I am going to do my best to get back into this blog.

You see, not only have we been traveling a lot this summer, but there have been a few changes around here that have also made me want to sleep any chance I can kept me busier that usual.

While we were in North Carolina, two things happened. My husband took on additional responsibilities with his company, and Anniston became one of the most difficult babies ever. This combination gets worse because the additional responsibilities my husband has taken on require him to travel at least one week out of every month. So, we basically spend a week at home trying to figure out how to get Anniston to sleep or finish a bottle, then we either travel or my husband goes away for a week, and we start back at square one.

But, we only have one trip left and I am determined to figure all of this out. I have so much to talk about, from the miracle fat suit that has Anniston sleeping through the night, to the insanely easy cure for cradle cap… there are many posts in the works, promise!

But now, to the Colorado part…

We spent all of last week in Vail with my husband’s family, and it was everything I thought Vail would be. The mountains, the flowers, the expensive fur coats, it was perfect, and we had the best time.

We survived the four hour plane ride by giving Juliet just a little bit of Benadryl. We had to, we got her up at 5am for the flight and she has actually never napped anywhere but her crib or carseat, so it was our only option. And it worked.IMG_8320

Then we spent the rest of the week enjoying everything Colorado. We hiked in Beaver Creek, spent hours in Vail, shopped in Breckenridge, and made sure to hit up every playground we saw for Juliet. It was a great week with family and the perfect break from the Florida heat.

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