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The Most Fall Weekend in Florida

We spent our weekend doing all things fall. It never actually feels like fall in South Florida, so the only way to pretend that there are actually four seasons down here is to partake in fall activities.

To get us in the mood, we started on Friday by hitting up Trader Joes for every pumpkin thing we could find. We baked pumpkin bread, ate pumpkin waffles, and picked up way too many mini pumpkins for Juliet to play with around the house.


By Saturday we were knee-deep in fall and ready to take on the pumpkin patch. We went to Bedner’s, about thirty minutes from us, and by 10am it was already swarming with people. My husband made a beeline for the donut truck while I plotted out how we could squeeze in as many activities as possible in the quickest amount of time. Well, those activities included the corn maze, so quick was no longer an option. After getting lost for at least a half hour, we managed to find our way out of the maze and into the pumpkin patch. The girls each got a pumpkin and we were back in the car hurrying home for nap time.

img_1938img_1959fullsizerender-copy-5img_1979img_2064img_1960img_2065Girls’ Pumpkin Outfits – Little English

On Sunday it was time to decorate our pumpkins. And for the girl who loves pink… we had to have pink pumpkins. We made “cupcake pumpkins” with the two that the girls found at Bedner’s, then used the easiest decorating trick ever, like ever, for the mini pumpkins we had picked up on Friday.

fullsizerender-4img_2054fullsizerender-copyimg_2021fullsizerender-6Girls’ Outfits – both from The Beaufort Bonnet Company

For the “cupcakes” I just used acrylic pink paint to cover each pumpkin, then used a small brush and various colors for the sprinkles. And yes, that is paint on Juliet’s bottom lip… apparently she thought they were actual cupcakes.


As for the easiest pumpkin DIY ever… I am sending you over to the blog where I got the idea (because I am just not genius enough to come up with this on my own). For all moms wanting a super quick, mess-free Halloween this year, this DIY is the way to go. (Thanks KtMayMcCord for the awesome idea!)


Happy Fall Y’all!

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