When Four Became Five: Trenton’s Birth Story

March 16th, the day our family of four became five.

I was so nervous about going into labor this time. All of the thoughts about when it was going to happen, what would we do with our girls, who would be able to come watch them, would I have to drive myself and the girls to the hospital while I was in labor?!

Luckily, those fears were all put to rest when my doctor and I decided on induction at 40 weeks, on Trenton’s exact due date.

We were told to be at the hospital at 6am to check in, so the night before my husband picked up pizzas from our favorite place, the four of us sat around the dining room table and enjoyed our last dinner before our baby boy was born. It was perfect.

On the 16th, my mom came to our house early in the morning and my husband and I left for the hospital. It was so emotional leaving before the girls woke up, knowing that I wouldn’t get to see them just one last time before another baby was brought into our lives. I cried half the way to the hospital.

We checked in at exactly 6am and we were brought to our delivery room. I had to be induced with both of my girls as well, so I pretty much knew the drill. Hooked up to fluids, monitors on to track the baby, then pitocin. I was sure that once they started the pitocin I would progress quickly, I mean this was my third kid after all, but I was wrong. My mom had now joined my husband and I in the room, while my mother-in-law watched the girls, and the three of us just waited. We waited and waited, they raised the pitocin levels, and we waited some more. My dad came by, my sister came, my father-in-law came, and still nothing.

The contractions started to get a little stronger and more consistent around 1pm, finally, so I asked for my epidural. There was no way I wanted to miss out on that, so I got it as soon as I could. Then we waited some more.

Then, around 3pm, I just had this feeling that it was almost time. It wasn’t an actual physical feeling, because my epidural was really good, and I felt nothing. But I just knew. My midwife came in, broke my water, and then, within minutes she said it was time.

My husband mentioned that we had always had our babies at night and this would be our first afternoon baby. I mentioned how Juliet was born at 9:29pm and Anniston was born at 8:29pm, so my midwife looked at the clock to see if we were close to a time that would end in “29” like the other two. It was 3:22pm. Immediately my mom said “3:29!”

The number 329 is special to our family. It’s my mom’s birthday and has always been a number that pops up when we are looking for a sign. A sign that my grandparents are looking down on us, a sign that everything will be okay. I looked at my mom and could just tell we were thinking the same thing. Immediately I felt pressure. How could I have this baby in 7 minutes?! It sounds so silly, but I wanted to try.

I started pushing at 3:22 and after only ten minutes, our baby boy was born. It wasn’t at 3:29, but 3:32 felt just as special.

Because I knew when I was going to be induced, we were able to plan ahead and have our photographer come for the first time the girls met their brother. We planned for her to come the following morning. I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about waiting to see the girls until the next day, but it was perfect. My husband and I were able to enjoy that night with just Trenton and focus on the new baby we now had.

The next morning Emily, our photographer, came to the hospital at 10:30am and the girls arrived at 11. It was the most special moment seeing the girls meet Trenton, this baby we had all talked about and prepared them for for over nine months. They were so excited to see their baby brother and just couldn’t stop kissing him and touching him.

These pictures are so, so special to me and show just how much love was in that room that day.

Photos: Emily Harris Photography

Girls’ dresses / My Gown / My Robe / Bow Swaddle / Trenton’s sack gown / Trenton’s hat/ Swaddles

Trenton Crew Hull, you’ve stolen our hearts.


Below is a link to a small video our photographer put together for us.

Trenton Crew Hull

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