Life Update: Two Months, Three Kids

I can’t believe we have been a family of five for two months now. Every day has been both a struggle and a blessing, and we are slowly starting to get the hang of things around here with two toddlers and a newborn. I have received a lot of questions over the last few months through DM’s and mom-life makes it a little difficult to respond to them all. So, I thought this would be the perfect place to answer most of those. I love hearing from all of you and answering all of your questions, and I always try to keep it as honest and real as possible, so here it is, a life update of sorts, with all the answers.

Q: Are you moving? I thought you just moved!

A: Yes! We are moving in the fall of this year and I could not be more excited for my family and this new adventure. We did just move, about a year ago, but we are renting (hence the ugly paint colors in our house in most of the pictures). When we sold our house in May of last year, we were struggling with where and what we wanted to buy. My husband was worried about his commute to work, because we were going to be moving out of the city and into the suburbs. We were both torn about whether we want to build, buy somewhat new, or buy an older house and completely renovate. And we also just weren’t completely sure of what neighborhood we wanted to live in.

We wanted to make this next house a somewhat “forever” house. Not exactly forever, but somewhere we could see ourselves for a long time, raising our children. So we took some time, rented in the city we knew we wanted to be in, and looked around in every neighborhood, weighing every option. We finally decided last month to build new. So we are building a house in the city I grew up in, a mile from my parents and one of my sisters, and in a neighborhood we know the kids will just love. It should be completed by the fall of this year and I am so excited to be in our new house by the holidays. I am also looking forward to decorating our new home and sharing that journey with all of you!


Q: Is three really that much harder than two?

A: For me, yes. I have to be completely honest, and just admit that it is a struggle right now. A struggle to get laundry done, to get meals made, and to keep everyone happy at the same time.

I have never had the girls in school, or a mother’s-day-out program, so they are with me, at home, every day. We don’t have babysitters, or a nanny. I do get help from my mother-in-law once a week to take the girls to dance, and also from my mom, but even then, I have at least one or two of the kids with me, so it is still difficult to get things done or feel like there is ever an actual break. Juliet has also dropped her naps, so there actually isn’t a break, haha.

I am not complaining by any means, if I wanted to put the girls in school, I could, and we are in August for two days a week! I am a stay-at-home-mom, and that is my job, but right now a lot of the other jobs are getting about half accomplished.

I think a lot of it has to do with the ages of my children. Three and two are not the easiest ages, and you throw a newborn on top of it and there will pretty much always be at least one kid crying. But, we’re figuring it out, together, and I know I am going to be so glad that my kids are so close in age as they continue to grow and become the best of friends.

That leads me to the next question I get a lot…


Q: What is it like having your kids so close together?

A: It is the best. I absolutely love having the girls so close in age, only thirteen months apart, because they are already so close. Of course there are a lot of fights, hence the crying in the previous answer, but they are always together! They play so well together the majority of the time, they do ballet together, they laugh together, make up songs together, hug and hold hands all the time, and their relationship is just so special. I think every family dynamic has its pros and cons, but for me, having my children close in age is everything I wanted. They will be only one year apart in school and I just feel so comforted knowing they will always have each other to lean on.


Q: Is Trenton an easy baby?

A: I like to answer this by saying, he’s a baby. I have seen these things called “easy babies,” my sister has one and I am in awe daily of how calm and easy she is, but I have never had one. Trenton is happy for the most part, and as cuddly as can be, but he’s a baby, and he requires a great deal of attention. We had a short battle with reflux that he has thankfully grown out of already, and he is still waking up every three hours to eat, but he’s only two months old, so I am letting him be two months old 🙂



Q: Are you still blogging?

A: Clearly blogging has become one of the last things on my to-do list over the last year. The daily list just keeps getting longer and longer and my blog has slowly creeped down to the bottom of that list, but I do enjoy this community so much. For now, I will be happy if I can get one post up per month, but I do plan to eventually get back into it, especially with the girls starting school in August.


Q: Do you sell your children’s clothing after they’ve outgrown them?

A: I started to, for like a week. I have three sisters, and we are all still having children right now. The girls already have two girl cousins that are thirteen months and three months old, and now one of my sisters is expecting a boy in late fall of this year. So, right now, I prefer passing most of the clothes down within the family, there is just something so sweet about seeing my nieces and soon-to-be nephew in the same clothes my children wore. But, there may be some things I sell every so often. For those, you can follow @shopcolleenhull on Instagram.


There it is, the answers to some of the top questions I receive from y’all! I hope to get my blogging act together soon, but for now, keep the DM’s coming and thank you so much for all of your support and love in this little community. I love sharing our journey through this sweet, chaotic life we’ve got going on, and it means so much to have you all supporting us through it!


Children’s Clothing c/o Bella Bliss

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