My Favorite Age

21 months.

Nobody talks about 21 months. It isn’t some huge milestone, nothing big happens at this age, but for me, 21 months is everything.

At this age, the smallest things are exciting. When Juliet sees an airplane (we live near a private airport, so we see them often, a lot of them), she screams, she dances, she waves to it, she jumps up and down. Then, as it flies away, she says, “bye airplane, mommy, more airplane.” She loves them so much that even I now get excited to see airplanes.

At this age, she calls every man she sees with a mustache Daddy Pig.

At this age, everything is beautiful. A beautiful flower. A beautiful rock. A beautiful french fry. She thinks rocks are so beautiful that when she finds one on our walks she insists on giving it a kiss and holding onto it tightly until we return home, where I let her leave it right by the front door, waiting for her.

At this age, she has checked to see if mommy, daddy, or Anniston have a tail. Dogs have tails, bunnies have tails, Suzy Sheep has a tail.

At this age, the hugs are big. I could hug this little girl all day, and I almost do, but now, she hugs me. If I am sitting on the floor playing with Anniston, she comes up behind me and wraps her arms around me. When I pick her up, she doesn’t just sit in my arms, she throws her little arms around my neck. At night, when I put her to bed, she squeezes me so tight it makes me want to go in five minutes later and let her do it again. And I have. My husband has too.

At this age, she has learned to make funny faces. She then asks to FaceTime all of her aunts to show them her funny face.

At this age, she has learned how to make her sister cry. This includes pouring water on her head in the bath, sitting on top of her in the wagon, throwing toys at her, taking toys away from her, you name it and Juliet has tried it.

At this age, she has learned how to get her sister to stop crying. Sure, she is usually the reason why she is crying to begin with, but to turn around and see her giving her sister a big hug to try and get her to stop, well, that has to make up for it, right?

At this age, she loves being tickled. Juliet is extremely ticklish, and I may take advantage of that just to hear that infectious laugh of hers, but now, she grabs my hand and makes me tickle her. We even use one of her play oven mitts and call it the tickle hand. She now brings me that mitt, waits as I squeeze my hand into it, then stands next to me, just waiting for me to tickle her.

At this age, she insists that everyone’s name ends in shark. This all stems back to a children’s music video, called “Baby Shark”, that we played for her one time on vacation to get her to stop crying. It is now her favorite song, and everything must end in shark. Mommy shark. Daddy shark. Nemo shark. Dori Shark. Juliet shark. Everyone is a shark.

At this age, they make up words. I can understand almost everything she says these days and her vocabulary is pretty big, but when you are at the mall and your 21-month-old points to a white wall and yells “Seegy!”, now that is just made up.

At this age, she has learned about the drive-thru. I may be guilty of a few too many drive-thru Starbucks runs, but when she hears me talking to the man at the window, her little hand goes straight up as she starts chanting “pop-pop, pop-pop.”

At this age, the temper is big and it is quick. If she eats all of her yogurt, tantrum, she wanted more yogurt. If I put her in the wagon, tantrum, she wanted to walk. If I let her walk, tantrum, she wanted to be held. If I let her take Sofia to bed with her, tantrum, she wanted Amber. I give her Amber, tantrum, she wanted Mommy Pig.

At this age, she wants everyone to be happy, and if you tell her you are sad, she will yell, “happy!”, followed by the biggest smile you will ever see.

At this age, she is so much.

21 months.


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  • Reply Farzie

    I always get happy when I see her, she is the most cute sweet thing.
    She makes me happy.
    Congrats and I watch her grow❤️

    October 28, 2016 at 5:14 am
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