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    Life Update: Two Months, Three Kids

    I can’t believe we have been a family of five for two months now. Every day has been both a struggle and a blessing, and we are slowly starting to get the hang of things around here with two toddlers and a newborn. I have received a lot of questions over the last few months through DM’s and mom-life makes it a little difficult to respond to them all. So, I thought this would be the perfect place to answer most of those. I love hearing from all of you and answering all of your questions, and I always try to keep it as honest and real as possible, so here it is, a life update of sorts, with all the answers. Read more…


    Sweet Summertime with Janie and Jack

    This post was sponsored by Janie and Jack. All opinions are my own based on my experience with the company, service, and products.

    Now that summer is in full swing (my car said it reached 101 degrees today), it is officially my favorite season to dress my little girls. I just love everything about toddler-girl dresses, bubbles, and sunsuits. If you follow my instagram, you are probably already aware that I love buying matching outfits for the girls, but I actually like coordinating pieces even more. I find it so difficult to find pieces that go together but aren’t exactly the same.

    Read more…