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    A Baby Shower for Flynn and My Favorite Go-To Shower Gifts

    Last Sunday we celebrated my sister, and the baby girl she is going to have in the next few weeks. As one of four girls, with two girls of my own, I could not be more excited to welcome another a little girl into the family. I honestly don’t know what we all would do if one of us had a boy. Girls are our thing.

    However, party planning is not my thing. I wish I was good at it, and sometimes I try really hard, but I just wasn’t born with that gene. Read more…


    Nursery Tour

    There are so many things I love about having my girls only thirteen months apart, the thought that they will grow up as best friends, the love Juliet already has for “her baby”, the fun they will have enjoying the same games and activities together – but secretly, I also loved that I got to decorate a second nursery less than a year after I did the first.

    I had no clue what I was doing when I decorated the first one (I’m so sorry, Juliet), but with the second, I knew exactly what I wanted, and it all started with the wallpaper.

    FullSizeRender copy 3

    I found this wallpaper on the Anthropologie website, as I was most likely shopping for myself, and I knew that I needed it for Anniston’s room. In fact, if I had the choice, I would probably cover my whole house in that paper.

    After choosing that, the rest of the room just kind of came together. I used the pale pinks from the wallpaper throughout the room in the bedding, window treatments, basket liners, and pillow, and kept everything else pretty neutral.


    Another piece that I purchased in the beginning was this sign from House of Belonging. We already have a piece from them in our dining room and I absolutely love their work. When I saw this one I was about four months pregnant, and it seemed to capture all of my feelings that I already had for the little baby inside of me.


    Anniston’s nursery has become my favorite room in the house. The soft colors make it feel so peaceful and quiet, even when my toddler is taking every book off of the bookshelf and throwing them, one by one, clear across the room.


    Wallpaper – Anthropologie

    Sign – House of Belonging

    Crib – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Dresser/Changing Table – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Book Shelf – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Drapery – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Bedding – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Baskets – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Frames – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Book End – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Hat Stand and Bonnet – The Beaufort Bonnet Company

    Stuffed Animals – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

    Bunny Bank – Tiffany’s

    Pouf – old, from Juliet’s room, from West Elm

    Rocking Chair – old, from Juliet’s room, from Land of Nod

    Rug – a steal from Home Goods!