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    Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie

    Tomorrow is Friday, and let me tell you, I could not be more excited. We survived another week with my husband out of town, and I am SO hoping we can find time this weekend to go out shopping and finally furnish this new house we are in. It doesn’t quite feel like home yet, and because of that, I pretty much do whatever I can to get out of the house and stay busy.

    It rained all day today, so it was the perfect day for the mall, and I am still in shock at how well behaved the girls were. We shopped for almost three hours (what?!) and they didn’t fuss or cry once!

    One of the main reasons we were at the mall for three hours… these dresses! I have never been stopped more in my life, by complete strangers, than I was today.

    The dresses run true to size, I just ordered a size up so they would last the girls through fall and winter.

    Okay, now to the good part. I found four tops that I am absolutely obsessed with, and they actually have me excited about transitioning into the fake fall that we have here in South Florida.

    The first is this tee. I have talked about this top before, because I got it in pink back in the Spring, but it is seriously the softest tee I own. It is under $50 and seriously can’t be beat. It comes in four colors right now and by the end of the month I may have them all.

    This embroidered top is just so perfect and so light weight. I love all of the detail with the stripes, the ruffles, and the florals that I just couldn’t put it back.

    I am pretty sure this one was my favorite. I love the pale blue and the cut is just so easy. I love a good front tuck, and this shirt is perfect for that. Another light-weight option that you can wear now and later.

    Finally, there’s this little beauty. Clearly I have a problem, and I can’t help myself when it comes to white blouses with lace, or ruffles, or anything for that matter. But this one is just so good. The floral detail around the neck is so pretty, and I couldn’t believe it was under $100.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Fashion, Style

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