Thanksgiving Turkey DIY

I’m not sure what happened, but it feels like yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Christmas. So, in an attempt to not let Thanksgiving sneak on by, I found a super simple turkey DIY to do with the girls.  Juliet now calls these her chickens and takes them all around the house with her as she plays.


I found this craft in the November issue of HGTV Magazine and decided to put our own little toddler spin on it.

We started by cutting a 6-inch-by-16-inch rectangle out of a brown paper bag. Then I gave Juliet one of the pieces and let her pick three colors she could use to paint it.

I painted the other two, and I have to admit, I impressed myself with that buffalo plaid.


We let the paper dry overnight, then folded it accordion-style. Next, you attach the fan to a faux pear with two pushpins. We used straight pins for the turkey’s eyes and cut a beak out of the paper bag that we also attached with a straight pin. I let Juliet hold the pear while I took care of all of the pins.



Voila. Your very own toddler turkey chicken.


My Sweater – Anthropologie

The girls’ Bloomer Sets – Little English

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