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We’re baaaack

We are back and we all survived enjoyed our two and a half week vacation in the mountains. Traveling with a toddler and a baby is no joke, and actually being on vacation with them is even harder, but it definitely left me with a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that we could all survive for more than two weeks away from home and create some wonderful memories in the process.

I was thinking about doing a post on tips for traveling with two under two, but then I realized I don’t have any tips. I had an iPad loaded with episodes of Peppa, a bag of snacks, a bottle, and I just kind of winged it. It worked. We do have a longer trip coming up in less than two weeks that I may need to actually be more prepared for, so I will keep you posted.

For now, I will just leave you with some of my favorite things that Juliet learned during our time in North Carolina. And I promise, I will get back to some real “blogging” soon, I have been busy dreaming about what a vacation used to be like before kids.


Juliet finally learned how to walk in the grass! This has been a struggle ever since Jules first started walking. She actually had this weird thing where she wouldn’t cross over different floors. For example, if a black paved road is next to a cement sidewalk, she wouldn’t cross over the line where they met. Weird, I know, but it was some kind of phobia or something. So obviously grass was something she wanted nothing to do with. Well, after days of practice, and our persistence in wanting to be outside in the amazing weather, Juliet mastered walking and almost running in the grass!IMG_7587

Climbing stairs

Another big mile stone that she just couldn’t learn in Florida. Most homes in South Florida are single story, including ours, so stairs were a new thing for Juliet, and she was super excited to tackle them. Jules loves to climb anything, chairs, stools, the couch, baby toys, whatever it is, she will find a way to climb it. So, stairs were a piece of cake for our wild toddler.IMG_7666

A Love for Candy

We never have candy in our house and I don’t think Juliet had really every tried any sort of candy before this trip, but with a house full of ten adults, and five kids, candy seemed easy to come by. After getting handfuls of lollipops thrown our way during the 4th of July parade, “pop-pops” became Juliet’s new favorite thing. And when your parents offer to watch your two kids while you tour the Biltmore Estate, you let them do whatever it takes to keep the kids happy, including feeding them Jelly Beans.IMG_7383IMG_7528

Staying Hydrated

Leave it to Jules to turn any activity into a way to eat or drink… She found that the easiest way to drink water on this trip was to get it straight from the splash pad. She also taught her cousin “SaSa” to do the same.IMG_7393

And finally, what I happen to think is the cutest thing she learned about up in the mountains…


Okay, so not actually circles, but that is what Juliet called the squirrels. Every morning my mom would stand her up on the ledge of the window to look at all of the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels that came to eat from the feeders, and every morning she would point out the window and yell, “Circles! Circles!”IMG_7069

We really did have the best time surrounded by all of our family up in the mountains of North Carolina. Juliet is getting so big and learning so much every single day, and I just love watching the enthusiasm and excitement she has for everything she does.

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